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It is actually a service that routes your DNS queries through its servers, which essentially covers up your location when you are using sites that offer services based on location. So, if you live outside of the US and want to get all of the shows and movies that Americans get on Netflix, this would be the kind of service that you would want to use. Continue reading our Unblock-Us review to learn more about its strengths and weaknesses.

Unblock-Us is a company that understands that people who will be using their service want to do it in a simple, easy, and quick manner. Because of that, they made sure the user experience is smooth and easy. The interface itself is nothing to write home about. The client is pretty basic, but it gets the job done. As previously stated in our Unblock-Us review, Unblock-Us made some serious claims that they are faster than any VPN service out there. We did some tests and it turns out that they were not lying.

To test the speed, we pretty much did the same thing we always do — we turned off the service and ran a speed test, then we turned it on and performed a speed test again.

What we saw was that there was almost no change in the speeds we were getting with and without Unblock-Us running. The download speeds remained the same and were consistent throughout the day.

Unblock 70+ Channels

Upload speeds dropped minimally. Unblock-Us works on tons of different devices. Of course, it is compatible with just about any operating system as well.

However, it is not compatible with Linux, which is a bit disappointing. Instead, it seals the data and transports it in a protected form. We were surprised by the lack of detailed information about the security protocols they use, but our guess is that they opted for this particular protocol because it allows their technology to be more compatible with a wider range of devices.

The company is equally secretive about their server locations. They seem to operate over servers, but it is not exactly clear where they are located. However, since they promise their users access to over 20 Netflix regions mostly in Europe, the United States, Canada, some South American countries, as well as Australia and New Zealandwe can assume they have servers in all those places. Unblock-Us has very high device compatibility and promises excellent, almost untouched connection speeds.

This service supports a great number of channels, including all the most popular ones. You can use all the devices you want, as long as they are on the same network, using the same Unblock-Us subscription.

Unblock-Us claims that for this exact reason, using their service is a lot more secure than using any other VPN service. On the other hand, if you just want to watch movies and shows online, this provider might be perfect for you.

Unblock-Us does not keep any activity logs, not after they moved to Barbados to avoid Canadian data retention laws. The support service is excellent. The email queries were answered promptly every time during the research phase of this Unblock-Us review and they always linked us to the information that we were looking for. Whether you are using it on your phone, laptop, desktop, smart TV or just about any other type of device, Unblock-Us is going to have a perfectly illustrated setup guide available for you.

I have been emailing back and forth for 6 HOURS and my relatively simple problem is still not solved. If I was able to talk to a person, like in the past, this would have been a 15 minute fix. I have had this same problem everytime I change routers and when I could talk to someone over the phone it was resolved quickly and easily.

Totally agree. They probably just outsourced it to India- but no one seems to care at this Company. Unblock US is a fraud.

I have been requesting my password reset link for a month and no one responds. I have called their listed number in Arizona, the telephone rings once and then the call is cut off.

Without any interruption, cancellation, or changes.No software required to be installed. Just change network settings on your devices or your router and you can enjoy it. You need just to change your DNS address in your personal device, or if you prefer, you can change DNS address directly in the admin panel of your router. In this way all your devices linked to your network will work immediately. Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. Our service will masquerade your real location from all the major streaming services and allow to unblock them.

Our smart dns service is based on a new generation of clouds-servers which allow us to distribute and balance workload in order to have always an high efficiency. With this technologies you will not have any speed decrease, so you can continue to watch any video streaming in Full HD and even up to 4k. We don't collect any your data, just we redirect some your traffic just when you visit a website supported by our dns service through our servers before the original destination.

With this "trick", we're able to workaround restriction and unblock websites, but you can continue to browse the internet safe as before. With no restrictions anymore! No credit card required Get Started Now. No Software Required No software required to be installed. Get Started Now. Why choose Dns-Trick. Easy and fast to configure in each device You need just to change your DNS address in your personal device, or if you prefer, you can change DNS address directly in the admin panel of your router.

No more restrictions wherever you are Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. Latest technologies to improve speed Our smart dns service is based on a new generation of clouds-servers which allow us to distribute and balance workload in order to have always an high efficiency.

Always in control of your privacy We don't collect any your data, just we redirect some your traffic just when you visit a website supported by our dns service through our servers before the original destination. Signup for an Account Set our dns into your device Access your favourite websites. Register Now. Email Address.

Confirm Password. I agree to terms of service. Already have an account? Sign in. Login Now. Remember me?OpenDNS is a DNS domain name system and Internet security computer platform that delivers various features, including the FamilyShield program that enables network administrators at homes, schools or workplaces to lock access to unreliable Web content that may contain viruses, malware, spyware or phishing websites.

If your network administrator is restricting websites with OpenDNS, you'll need to unblock it to access these websites. This is accomplished swiftly with a proxy, a website that lets you use its server to connect to content being blocked by any type of Internet security programs including OpenDNS.

Navigate to HowToUnblock. How To Unblock also keeps you anonymous by masking your IP address. Click the "Go" tab displayed with a pumpkin face and How To Unblock will bypass the block from OpenDNS to give you access to the site that was previously inaccessible.

Go to ByProxy. ByProxy lets you unblock restrictions your network administrator is imposing on you through the use of products such as OpenDNS. ByProxy also hides your IP address for anonymity and security. Visit FreeWebProxySite.

To protect your information this proxy also keeps your IP address concealed. By : Herman Cruz.

unblock dns

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Updated: February 6, Tech Tested. The easiest way to do this is by using an online proxy service, but if your computer blocks all proxy sites, you may be able to use a portable version of the Tor browser to bypass OpenDNS security. Connect directly to the modem. Use a cellular connection as a hotspot. Sign up for a VPN. Try on online proxy. Use a portable browser. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account.

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Explore this Article Using General Fixes. Using an Online Proxy. Using a Portable Browser. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Pirated content and the Torrent websites that redistribute such content have always been on the radar of copyright holders.

Consequently, it becomes very difficult for users to unblock torrent sites and access them. There can be numerous reasons if a torrent website is not working in your region or country. One of the primary reasons behind the unavailability of torrent sites is the blockage of these major websites by your ISP or government. Techworm takes no responsibility for any legal problems you encounter.

A majority of offices and universities block access to torrenting and other websites for downloading pirated content. Well, a simple method to unblock torrent sites on these WiFi networks is by connecting to a different WiFi network.

You can access a torrent by tethering the internet from your smartphone and later connecting back to the University website to continue downloads. Moreover, you can use this same process for accessing blocked websites.

The next easy method to unblock torrent sites is using a VPN or virtual private network. A VPN helps you to access the internet from a different region where a particular torrent website is not blocked. A majority of free VPN services gets the job done.

The next method on the list is the most effective and the most complicated. Three most popular public DNS servers are:.

This will surely unblock torrent websites for you. The next easy way to unblock torrent sites is via proxy and mirror sites. These mirror websites can be considered as a replica of the original BitTorrent website that is created to reduce the traffic on the server.

In addition to that, Mirror Site improves both the loading and downloading speeds due to less traffic on the server. So you can access them even when the main torrent website is blocked in your region.

XBOX ONE Unblocking Setup Instructions (ProxyDNS)

In fact, in addition to torrent sites like The pirate bayExtratorrentsKickassTorrents many popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube also have proxy websites designed to improve loading speeds. This is so far the best way that you can use to unlock torrent sites. Web browsers such as opera have inbuilt VPN features that can be used for free to access unblocked torrent sites. Alternatively, you can also use the Tor browser to unlock torrent sites.

These days government agencies and authorities are getting smarter and instead of blocking the websites they are targeting the utorrent application. Luckily, you can still download. To do so you need a website that allows you to download the.

Once the downloading process initiates you can transfer the torrent download to a dedicated download manager like IDM. So these were 5 basic tricks to unblock torrent sites like the pirate bay, kickass torrents, and others. Do share any other method that you use to get access to unblocked torrent websites via the comments section below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in.As there are many websites which offer paid things for free of cost as well as distribute some copyrighted products. Eventually the authority of that country order their ISPs to block those websites for that country. But this is not always related to copyrighted activity or piracy.

unblock dns

Sometimes block some websites due to the reason that the websites are not following that countries tradition, culture or believe. To some people that is a good thing but to some people this is a completely autocratic activity to take away the internet democratic freedom from all the people around the world. Not only that Japan has blocked many pornographic websites because it is against their culture. So, get ready to open up blocked sites from your computer. Many people might already knew what are the steps, but I do know that there are many people who do not know how to do it.

This post is for them. So, here are the following tricks:. This trick sometimes work for some websites. But it might not work for many websites. This trick only work for those websites who host their sites in a VPS or Dedicated Server environment and have an unverified SSL installed for that domain name. So in short what you have to do is :. DNS is the server which have all the information of all the websites around the world. Generally when any country block any website for their countries ISPs, thei block it in their own DNS server, so that whoever uses that DNS cannot access restricted sites.

unblock dns

This same concept has been used by many MNC companies for their office internet access. This trick generally work very well for the BSNL internet users. Here is how you can do it on your devices. For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8. There are many popular proxy service available on the web. What you have to do is, just copy your site URL paste it in any proxify website then choose your proxy location and visit the site.

Sometimes no matter which method you try, your ISP is so smart that they wont allow you to visit a blocked website without using VPN.

Unblock Your Internet!

When you are in this scenario, I will suggest you to try out this last trick before purchasing VPN. Tough if you see that no trick is working, then be assured than VPN will always work in any circumstance.

Now lets get started. ZenMate is a very good auto proxify extention and is completely free. What you have to do is just install the extension and then open a free account with ZenMate and start browsing web with the ZenMate proxy servers. This is really easy to do, completely free and reliable.

For complete anonymity on the Web and to be able to access all websites blocked in your country, a virtual private network VPN is the best solution. The above mentioned free web proxy sites also provide VPNs, you can also take a look into their pricing. In the 21st century where out life is surrounded with internet, practically there is no way to block any website from users no matter what ISPs do about that harsh reality.

You can also follow me on twitter iSaumya or subscribe to my newsletter to always stay updated with my new posts.Read on for details of the most reliable alternative to Unblock-Us. ExpressVPN is the most reliable option. If offers fast speeds and a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk free.

We took advantage of their 7-day free trial to see for ourselves. Netflix users outside the US pay the same or more as those in the US, but are saddled with a relatively limited selection of shows and movies. Shortly after Netflix rolled out globally at the beginning of this year, Netflix started blocking these proxy services using a firewall.

Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. Unblock-Us was one of the providers affected, luckily its customers can now use its service to bypass the Netflix proxy error message once again.

Comparitech tested the service and as promised, we were able to watch the US catalog of shows on Netflix as if we lived in the United States the author currently lives in Europe. No proxy errors or other issues! The first step is to sign up for an account.

unblock dns

A 7-day free trial is available without the need for a credit card. Changing your DNS addresses every time you reconnect to a wifi network is a pain, so this is pretty handy.

This process varies on your operating system, so consult the tutorials on the Unblock-Us website. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your Location:. Your Internet Provider:. This information can be used to target ads and monitor your internet usage.

It offers outstanding privacy features and is currently available with three months extra free. Menu Close. We are reader supported and may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. Latest Guides.


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