Teaching on praise and worship pdf

This Bible story begins the unjust arrest of Paul and Silas. Because they had cast a spirit of divination out of a girl, the local Philippian authorities beat them and then threw them into a jail cell. Besides the trauma of the severe beating, they were fastened in stocks which clamped their arms and legs in an immobile position, causing cramps and loss of circulation. The atmosphere there was depressing. According to the standards of that day, a prison was more like the resemblance of a dungeon.

A dark, damp, stench-ridden place, with no facility for waste or comforts of any kind.

Praise And Worship Bible Study Lessons

Yet, in spite of the throbbing pain in their bodies and the disheartening atmosphere, at midnight Paul and Silas were heard praying and singing praises to God! What a strange sound this must have been to the other prisoners, who were used to only hearing the german figurines or cursings of those who had been beaten.

Then suddenly, there was an earthquake that shook the prison! The doors flung open, and amazingly, the bonds of Paul, Silas, and every other prisoner were released! What caused this mighty discharge of power? Through praise and worship their hearts were raised into the joyous presence and peace of God, and provided God a channel for his power to operate in their circumstances. The Bible says that God inhabits in the praises of His people Psalms This means that praise is more than a reaction of coming into His presence The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit usually becomes evident, subsequent to a time of worship and praise.

Some think that worship is a response after the Holy Spirit mcq on counselling psychology upon them. It is an expression of humbling ourselves and centering our attention upon the Lord with heart-felt expressions of love, adoration and thanksgiving. Praise transports us into the realm of the supernatural and into the power of God.

Jesus spoke about the hypocrisy of the pharisees, whose worship was only an outward show and not from the heart. Genuine praise to God is a matter of humility and sincere devotion to the Lord from within.

Unpretentious praise and worship pleases the Lord. He delights in the love and devotion of His children. According to the scriptures, the various expressions of praise bring blessing to the Lord. He eagerly awaits the fragrance of our affections, desiring to manifest His sweet presence and power in our midst. All too often, praise to God is something that many people leave at church, an event that happens only when they come together with other Christians.

However, praise should be a part of a believers lifestyle, inter-mingled as a part of their daily prayer-life. Praise is an expression of faith, and a declaration of victory! It declares that we believe God is with us and is in control of the outcome of all our circumstances Romans An atmosphere which is filled with sincere worship and praise to God by humble and contrite hearts is disgusting to the Devil. When the children of Judah found themselves outnumbered by the hostile armies of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, King Jehoshophat and all the people sought the Lord for His help.

The Lord assured the people that this would be His battle. He told them to go out against them, and He would do the fighting for them. So what did the children of Judah do? I challenge you to become a person of praise, and you will experience the release of the power of God! Declaring of thanks Heb.Learn More. Get connected! Join Today! To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever.

Revelation6. Over the years I have sought to teach people both why we worship and how to worship. Worship has often been misunderstood as the musical prelude to the sermon, rather than the means by which we, as the people of God, invite the dominion of His Kingdom to be established on earth. God comes to dwell where His people worship, and where that happens, all the weight of His glory, His rulership, and His dominion are present.

In this atmosphere—where worship ushers in the presence of God—four critically important things take place: first, the Word becomes life, not just an intellectual exercise; then, as His Kingdom is established, people will be healed and people will come to know the Lord. When we pray in the manner that Jesus taught His disciples, we are first, with worship, reaching into the invisible realm and then, on the grounds of our worship, welcoming the entry of His divine authority, rulership, and power into this world.

How then, do we worship? After giving the Ten Commandments, the Lord gave explicit directions to Moses about building a tabernacle of worship in which He would come to dwell among His people Exodus9. The biblical patterns of worship involve all aspects of the human personality: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Most people recognize that worship ought to be spiritual from the heart and that it ought to be intelligent.

Yet people who acknowledge their own physical and emotional being before the Lord do what in any setting other than church would be considered the most natural thing. The living God has created us with a response mechanism that expresses joy when we are happy, or elation and shouting over victory, for example.

teaching on praise and worship pdf

The expression of worship should not be confused as a requirement for salvation, but as a means for truth springing to life in the midst of people. When we surrender ourselves to the full expression of worship, the Spirit descends, and room is given for Him to meet every person in a special way.

7 Ways to Worship God in Spirit and in Truth

Worship involves physical expressions founded upon biblical guidelines; they are neither ritual, perfunctory actions, or the serving of emotions for their own sake. In just a single chapter 20 of 2 Chronicles, eleven different Hebrew verbs for active physical worship are found.

How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out! Thus, the Bible calls us to: Present our rededicated bodies by kneeling, bowing, raising our heads and hands, and dancing before the Lord; present our revived emotions by shouting and clapping to the Lord, praising aloud, rejoicing, and expressing thanksgiving, or by being silent before Him in the beauty of His presence; present our regenerated spirits by worshipping in the Spirit, singing spiritual songs, and giving thanks; and present our renewed minds by obedient, orderly, intelligent, sensitive worship with understanding.

Even spontaneity must have some point of discipline and control see 1 Corinthians The Lord is not displeased by our reticence to the physical expressions of worship, but when we present ourselves wholly open before Him, the compounding of both our life in Him and of His beauty in us takes place. We are made more whole—and holy—in the likeness of Jesus. The weight of His glory begins to seep through our system. Our identity becomes more secure and established, and our sense of sufficiency in the life of Jesus Christ increases.The Father is looking for those who will worship Him that way.

How can I worship God at home? How can I worship God wherever I am? The first step in understanding how to worship is recognizing whom to worship. We worship the Father in spirit and in truth John Instead, we focus on the message and the truth of Jesus Christ. Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives. In order to worship in truth, we must know the truth, which is found in the Bible. We must continually renew our minds to the Word of God by spending time studying every day Romans When our minds are renewed to what He says is truth and not the worldwe will be able to come to Him and worship Him in spirit and in truth.

When you meet together, one will sing, another will teach, another will tell some special revelation God has given, one will speak in tongues, and another will interpret what is said.

The beauty of worship occurs in community with other like-minded believers. There is a depth and strength that comes when believers join together in worship, much like the Israelites did around Jericho and like Paul and Silas did in prison. In 1 CorinthiansPaul explains aspects of orderly worship. While orderly worship is not the immediate topic here, this scripture shows the importance of preparing for worship.

The one singing needs to select the song, practice and prepare his or her heart before the service begins. Likewise, the one teaching needs to prepare to receive and deliver the message before the service. We should all come to the house of worship prepared—whether you are singing, teaching, preaching, speaking, prophesying, serving or receiving.

So, how do you prepare for worship on Sunday? You prepare by getting your heart ready. Use the night before or early morning before the service to seek the Lord by practicing private worship, reading the Bible and praying. Fix your thoughts on the truth of Jesus and all He has done for you.

Pray for the service and ask the Lord to help you receive from Him. You may even want to set aside a special time in your schedule to prepare for weekly worship. For some, expressing themselves in worship can be uncomfortable, especially if they are new Christians.Praise and worship should be the primary focus of every Christian.

A Lesson In Praise And Worship

It must be the heart beat of Christ followers everywhere. How should we worship the Lord? What is the purpose of Praise and worship? Watch the Message. Worship will be the primary focus in heaven when we see Jesus face to face. While in our earthly bodies, we are training for eternity.

There are many expressions and styles of worship in the church and God loves them all. Many congregations get hung up on a certain type of worship and want to stick with that style only. He can be praised in a myriad of ways, and we should use them all. At such times, we often feel a sense of awe in His presence. The problem is, in most churches instead of silent worship, we simply have dead silence. Uplifted voices. Worship was always expressed in the Bible with uplifted, loud voices.

For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns. Vocal expressions of worship are frequently accompanied with clapping. Shout to God with the voice of triumph! Some think this is a strange thing to do in church, but what do we do at ball games or other times of celebration? We clap our hands and shout. How much more should we applaud and celebrate the one who redeemed us from sin and shame? The Lifting of our hands. I will lift up my hands in thy name.

Lifting our hands is a sign of worship, surrender and adoration. This was not invented by charismatics and pentecostals, but by God. It was a practice of worship in the Old Testament long before the birth of the church. Praise the Lord, O my soul! I will praise the Lord while I live. I will sing praises to my God while I have my being. In churches today we sing hymns, choruses and new worship songs.

The point is, we are worshiping in song. Musical instruments. Praise Him with the lute and harp! Praise Him with the timbrel and dance. Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes! Praise Him with loud cymbals. Praise Him with clashing cymbals!They frequently operate in different realms.

Sometimes, however, it is virtually impossible to differentiate between praise and worship, both may be expressed in a service by different individuals at the same time. When we are lifting our hands or dancing before the Lord, are we praising or worshiping?

We could be doing either, because the outward forms that praise and worship employ are often identical. It is almost as difficult to separate praise and worship as it is to divide soul and spirit. That the soul and spirit are two different aspects of man seems sure, but it becomes very difficult to identify the differences. When I feel a certain impulse, who am I to label that as coming from my spirit or from my soul?

There is only one thing sharp enough to discern between soul and spirit, and that is the word of God [Heb. I cannot even analyze the difference in my own self! Similarly, praise and worship are two different entities, but they are often impossible to separate. The four expressions known as prayer, thanksgiving, praise, and worship are very closely related. Areas within each of these expressions overlap with one another The differences between praise and worship But we will gain a better grasp of the essence of worship by examining these "hypothetical" differences.

teaching on praise and worship pdf

First, God does not need our praises; we need to praise him. God has commanded us to praise, not because of what it does for him but because of the changes it brings in us. It places us in proper relationship to God and is a necessary step for us in the process of self-abasement. God receives ample praise from his other multitudinous creations - he will manage quite well if you or I refuse to praise him.

teaching on praise and worship pdf

But the Father seeks worshipers [John ]! He seeks them because he needs them. Notice that God seeks "worshipers" not "worship. Second, praise can sometimes be distant, but worship is usually intimate. The heart of man need not be near to God for praise to occur.For questions regarding product orders, donations, or for prayer, call us at Colossians says that you abound in faith with thanksgiving.

Why and How We Worship

No thanksgiving equals not abounding in faith. Praise affects you, it affects the devil, and it affects God. It touches everything and every part of your life. You have to get this area of your life right.

They think that praise is just a response to what happens and that if everything goes right, they will automatically do it. That is definitely not the case. The Lord told His disciples the night before His crucifixion not to let their hearts be troubled John It was a command. Yet most Christians today would think this was insensitive and unreasonable. These disciples were about to see Jesus arrested and then flee in fear for their lives.

They would see Jesus unjustly condemned and then crucified and buried. And He was telling them not to let their hearts be troubled! Jesus ended His discourse to His disciples that evening with a promise that they would have trouble John What an understatement!

Yet He said to be of good cheer. How was this possible? He said it was possible because He had overcome the world.

teaching on praise and worship pdf

It was because of faith that the disciples were supposed to rejoice. He had promised that He would be resurrected and then reign, and if they were in faith, they would rejoice—and so would we.

We live in a negative world, a fallen world where it seems that the ungodly are getting more and more prominent. So much of what we hear is just negative, and we have to make a deliberate effort to be positive and counter the culture we live in. Praise is a great tool to help us achieve that. In the same sense, checking our praise lives is how we check our spiritual pulse.

But Paul said in Philippians —. We are always supposed to be rejoicing in the Lord. Paul lived what he preached. When he was beaten and thrown in the deepest darkest part of the dungeon, he and Silas broke out in praise at midnight Acts Do you have a heart to learn more about praise and worship?

If you have been sensing that these two words are more than sunday morning worship style music, than you have come to the right place to learn. Over the few centuries, the word worship has been changed in the spelling and meaning.

Now, its usage is watered down to a little more than words of thin air. God has never at any time changed His attributes. Maybe His character in which something is done to please Him, however God remains the same. The Samaritan Woman is speaking with Jesus Christ from her understanding of worship.

Just like most people, until they study the holy scriptures and learn the basics with understanding. All done with the honor system. If you already understand the true purpose of these important words, I will still encourage you to review these basic lessons to give me some information feedback to included. We are here to help one another in Him, right! Please let me know how things are going with your basic studies.

I look forward to hearing from you, especially if you need some help with answers. It was a great honor to bring these interactive praise and worship lessons to you, my brother or sister. If you have not done so, please return to our home page and print the text for this lesson. After you have thoroughly studied the lesson, including looking up the Scripture references, you may submit your quiz answers below.

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