Prophet owuor teachings

Hardly a week passes without the self-proclaimed prophet being mentioned. A few years back, Dr. David Owuor or as commonly known, Prophet Owuor was hardly known. People know one or two things about him. David Owuor is known for his huge crusades and miracles. However, his spiritual activities seem to differ from what he preaches. Born into a Christian home, Owuor grew up knowing about God through his mother who a devoted Christian, a housewife and a peasant farmer. Coming from a family who knew the importance of education, Owuor started schooling at an early age.

These schools include Jusa, Luzira and Kitalya in Uganda. He joined Makerere University for a Bachelor of Science degree but later moved to the University of Nairobi where he completed his first degree in While doing this, he began to prepare for his journey as a preacher and prophet of God.

Owuor encountered God in at the time when Uganda was in political turmoil. As a preacher, he centred his messages on repentance and the need for man to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. Owuor became popular as a preacher in after the Kenyan elections. He was not just known as a common preacher, but as one who is gifted with healing powers and can foretell the future.

This makes people to wonder from where he generates his massive wealth. The rise of Prophet Owuor came with shock and fear not only to Kenyans but also to the nations across the coast. Some Kenyans who knew nothing about him took notice of him when he presumably led the former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga to Christ. Unknown to many people, he spends most of his time giving talks or participating in forums and holding miracle crusades.

A closer look reveals that he dresses usually in white, shoes inclusive. Probably, he does this to reflect his cleanliness or purity. Once in a while, he will release a YouTube video or podcast to give the world a view of a recent crusade or upcoming event.

prophet owuor teachings

Rarely does he use the conventional mass media. His ministry is interdenominational. He does not have an affiliation with a particular group and he speaks in any forum especially those that centre on miraculous healing. He eventually narrated what he saw to his wife who later found him dead after he asked her to prepare water for his bath.

7th April - The Breaking Of The Seals Of Revelation - Prophet Dr. David Owuor

The reception he receives everywhere he goes says it all. Funny enough, the prophet is without a wife or family. The preacher defended why he is not yet married, saying that his calling had not availed him the opportunity to do so. Having a family, he said, will tie him down and he may not be able to follow the will of God.

He also said that while in the US, he also cohabited but the woman left after he started seeing visions. From the above facts, it is clear that information about the self-proclaimed-man-of-God is still quite limited.

Prophet Owuor Biography – Illuminati, Wife, Family, and The Snake

Answers Africa.The present-day church needs to pray for grace, in order that they may be led by the Holy Spirit, just like Israel was guided in the wilderness. If the LORD could come all the way from heaven in order to lead Israel in her most desperate moment, then it goes without saying that even on this occasion, JEHOVAH will indeed wrought for the church at this most needy hour.

The LORD went before them by day in a Pillar of Cloud to lead them along the way and by night in a Pillar of Fire to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night Exodus It is through this Pillar of Cloud by day, and light that luminated their way by night, that Israel received godly counsel and sustained an unparalleled relationship and total dependence on JEHOVAH.

And today I will be able to bring to you a complete understanding of the gravity and the weight of sexual sin in your life as a Christian.

How does God look at sexual sin? And once you will be able to understand how the Lord looks at sexual sin, then you will begin to reevaluate yourself vis-a-vis sexual sin.

He placed them into the Bible that you can use to break the chains of sexual sin; to destroy and break the chains of sexual sin and sexual immorality and lust. Bethany was a little hill country town strategically located on the eastern slopes of the mount of Olives. In the ancient of days, it was a quiet small humble town that became mainly inhabited by a close-knit poor community that lived in great warmth and novel intimacy.

Lowly Bethany was beautifully situated less than two miles from Jerusalem and sat at a critical edge of the wilderness of Judea and the barren hills that descended eastwards towards the Dead Sea.

The false prophet David Owuor cannot mention the name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach!

It is this particular brokenness of the poor people in Bethany that especially makes her such a spiritual icon for the present-day church to imitate, in order that Jesus may find a home in her.

It will have to take the recognition of this hidden treasure of brokenness for one to pick out the key feature that drew Jesus to this little community of Bethany.

It is noteworthy that for Jesus to call a place home, that place must have earned the complete blessing of the Lord God Almighty himself. Such was the humbleness at Bethany that brought the hearts of the people into a contrite faith in Jesus Isaiah Forward PDF.

This exclusive edition of the Repentance and Holiness publication is designed to address some key issues that have of late become pertinent in defining the very core of christian salvation as we know it today. This special version however presents a novel assemblage of virtuous oracles whose primary objective is to address some serious concerns that have lately defined the current flawed condition of the church.

Moreover, it also contains a collection of novel articles of prophecies that have today shaken the earth to its very core, upon their accurate fulfillment. The formidable events that have been diligently chronicled here include the fulfillment of prophecies that foretold the coming of severe distresses such as the dreadful global Ebola outbreak, the emergence of the Islamic State ISILthe war in Syria, Libya, among others.

It is a landmark visitation that has today become yet another vivid reminder that the coming of the Messiah is a reality that the inhabitants of this post-modern earth have to grapple with, since it has definitely drawn nearer.

C onsidering the level of the artisanship and refinedness that The LORD is specifying regarding the glorious garment for the coming of the Messiah, then one wonders why the mind of the present-day Pastor has not been kindled to the Supernatural Being of The Holy Spirit as the only way out. The LORD intended this to be a means of transforming the current church that is more or less earthly, into a mighty spiritual house of endtime revival.

It also hinges directly on the final restoration of the church into the rapture, kingdom of God, for the wedding of the Lamb of God. It is a principal allusion that the LORD was making on the post-rapture scenario. It directly relates to the final restoration and revival of Israel unto Christ Jesus the Messiah. It was also in reference to the Second Coming of Christ during which the earth would have the post-tribulation hope of peace.

This beloved endearment is regardless of the current backdrop of embarrassing apostasy that is today being witnessed in the present-day church of Christ. This heavenly concern is largely due to the fact that the church still constitutes that royal and priestly bride who will sit at the wedding feast of the LAMB in heaven.

For that reason, despite the degrading fall and despicable corruption that is currently ongoing in the house, JEHOVAH has availed this window of reprieve by opening heaven unto her. At that sacred place however, I found myself looking up and gazing into the sky that stood right above me. The sky that I saw was so glorious as it became unusual, and consequently appeared more like there was a terrible rain storm coming. For lack of a better word, it presented more like I was in the lull before the storm.

It was then that while still looking up into the sky, the amazing vision of the LORD beheld. And in a twinkle of the moment, a most rare vision of the LORD was underway.

The vision I saw was that of events yet to happen and hitherto, most profound towards the close of time.The self proclaimed Dr David Owuor of Repentance and Holiness Ministry has again been exposed by his ex followers for faking miracles. The ex-member Joseph Kinoti later in life denounced Prophet Owuor teachings and now the Prophets miracles are fake. Joseph Kinoti also narrated on he used to train members on Twitter basics and organize them for trending hashtags.

This could be the reason why hashtags on Prophet Owuor church always trend trop on Twitter. He loves death tolls. To begin with, have a look at this memo.

prophet owuor teachings

This is one of his trained reporters giving a report about the Kakamega Primary School Tragedy. OwuorExposed pic. On 3rd MarchJoseph Kinoti ex-follower of Prophet Owour again comes up with hashtag OwourExposed, where he continues to expose him. He accuses Prophet of Owour in thriving on tragedies like death.

He cites an example of Prophet Owour Swahili translator, Rachel Mwangi who was involved in an accident 8 years ago. He particularly narrates on thick dark cloud on Menengai 2. According to Jonah, they never saw the thick cloud from heaven but they were surprised to see documentaries and pictures shared on WhatsApp of a dark cloud that almost touched the head of Owuor.

A cloud was being shown almost touching the head of Owuor! And it was so thick dark. But yet we were by the altar as Ugandans but saw nothing! I was one of the earliest followers of owuorexposed as a teenager. He stated that he was just a revival prophet who was sent to the Church. He explicitly lied that he had no intention of creating another denomination. The moment he broke that promise, I never looked back! Soon that man will pay for choosing his battle foolishly.

Keep watching…. As long as I have no substantial evidence of Owuor doing anything unethical I will not talk ill of the man of God OwuorExposed. LOG IN. Recover your password. Tallia Oyando quits Homeboyz radio after 7 years. Raila blames Ruto for fresh wrangles in Jubilee Party. Angry Wema Sepetu blasts Kenyan radio station for saying this about her and Harmonize. Akothee narrates how she met Mzungu Baby Daddy who ended up frustrating her.Prophet Owuor is Kenyan preacher who is self proclaimed and claims he was anointed by God.

Prophet owuor biography, wealth, wife, family, contacts, Illuminati, latest news, net worth, prophecies. He is one of richest pastors in Kenya. He is the founder of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness. Owour is also a prophet and scientist as well. He never accepts donations and offering. Despite that money is not problem. Prophet Owuor later joined Makerere University for a Bachelor of Science degree, but later moved to University of Nairobi for second degree.

He also received a warning vision for Chile of a massive tsunami hitting the land, which a year later struck following an 8. In some of the big revival meetings the Lord has healed people of AIDS, lepers have been cleansed, crippled people have walked, blind eyes opened and more. Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together.

For the mouth of the Lord has spoken. I came to faith in when, while Uganda was still fluid politically, I asked God to take me safely from Western Kenya into Uganda and back as I tried to transfer my credits from Makerere to Nairobi.

Suprisingly, the Ugandan soldiers were unexpectedly most helpful to me throughout; I was never harassed. I was never serious with Him thereafter but He still pursued me.

Later, after I had moved to the US, the same references were used again but now to a clearer end. You know, like Moses…do you remember Moses? HE started showing me the different churches in the world all the things that were to happen and those things started happenning. Then the LORD commanded me to leave to the churches after another visitation in a dream on the 3rd of July April 16, April 15, April 13, Get latest, trending and breaking news.Mama Rosa is not the only former dearly departed whom Owuor gave a second chance.

I want to say this; thank you, thank you, thank you for resurrecting me! Thank you for snatching me from the teeth of the dead. They are two. They are two! And you address them appropriately.

prophet owuor teachings

Actually if you look around one is taller than the other. Yes, they are two. Be very careful! Since then, Owuor refers to himself as the two biblical prophets Moses and Elijah. He further claims to have toured heaven where he held fruitful discussions with God and his son Jesus Christ.

While I was there, there was tremendous glory. Then the Lamb came. The Messiah came then God the Father extended a bottle of olive to my right hand.

Then I went down on my knees and I anointed the seat of the Messiah. There are those who believe Owour, the highly trained scientist, bachelor and father of a son he left in Israelis a zealot who operates a cultish outfit. But not his followers. They sweep and wash roads with soap in readiness for his triumphant arrival to crusades.

Some left salaried jobs for his ministry. Owuor's Heaven Visit Prophet Owuor dr david owuor. Comment Policy. Club Covid: Virtual parties go viral as entertainers take to it to connect with fans.

Singer Koffi Olomide addresses the kicking row. Jamaican star Konshens tickles Kenyans with dummy ID. Stream your favourite radio station live. First Name. Last Name.A new episode about every 0 hours averaging 43 mins duration. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

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prophet owuor teachings

Teaching by Prophet Owuor. The Life changing Message on the Revelation of the Pale Horse of the apocalypse: The 4th Horseman collects the effects of all the other horseman concurrently, as we are beginning to see on the earth today. The church has waited thousands of years to understand the secrets of Heaven and the Kin Has the church lost all sensibiities to the dispensational change that is upon us? It is time to move from the outer court to the most inner holy place to remove the church from humiliation.

David Owuor. KEY scriptures: Hebrews 6:For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlight Gen 18 Then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine. Life changing teaching on holy fasting and solitude. More and always free Are you worshiping the GOD of Abraham?Initially, the church had stated that Muthoni decided to handover the multi-billion shilling properties to the ministry as a gift after her son, who is in his early 20s, was prayed for and got healed of dyslexia.

But Lily later explained that Muthoni suffered memory loss and appointed her to oversee the properties and live with her at Dove Court together with other bishops. That is nonsense and fake news. Linking me to the prophet in that manner is like asking a man who works for a woman if they are married. Those are lies. Sometime back, she had an accountant who was demanding Sh78 million, but I blocked that from happening. The home has a swimming pool where Owour baptised Raila Odinga in Those in the know say the home previously belonged to former vice president George Saitoti.

Muthoni, the third-born in a family of eight children, was a hardworking woman and go-getter when she was a managing partner at JM Njagi Advocates in Nairobi. Things changed, according to her family, when she started following Prophet Owuor. Around the same time, Njagi, who had resigned from his job and was going through a divorce, claims her sister appointed him to manage the properties, among them the house in question. Comment Policy. Club Covid: Virtual parties go viral as entertainers take to it to connect with fans.

Singer Koffi Olomide addresses the kicking row. Jamaican star Konshens tickles Kenyans with dummy ID. Stream your favourite radio station live. First Name. Last Name.


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