Gsxr 600 f1 fault code

Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 GSXR k4 F1 problem. Was out on the bike yesterday and around 15 minutes after refuelling travelling at maybe 70mph it started to die and came to a stop. F1 showed up on the dash and red light was on. It wouldn't start so I called the AA. Waited around 90 mins and AA turn up and the bike starts first time and no warnings on the dash. AA man couldn't do anything so I took the chance and rode home for around 45 mins and no problem.

Anyone experienced this and have any idea what it could be? EagleMoto posts 62 months. Found this on Gixxer. If you take the cap off, you'll see it appears to be a normal harness. With your key in the ignition and bike turned to "on" but not runningtake a paperclip and short the two connectors out by touching the two contacts together.

This is known as a "ghetto dealer mode switch". It should display the error code on your display instead of just FI now. You might want to consider buying JeffW's Dealer Mode switch He's an upstanding guy ask anybody on gixxer.

Thing is that there is no F1 code showing anymore so it wont give me any codes will it? I thought maybe a coil pack breaking down or temp sender. Does anyone think this could be the problem.

How to diagnose FI light and obtain ecu fault code

It will still show the last recorded error code I think. DuraAce 3, posts months. Some faults will be retained, some won't. It takes 30 seconds to bridge the connector under the seat. You've could've checked in the time it took to post!Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: GSXR error code -c Join Date 16th September - Posts 6, GSXR error code -c28 Hi Guys Went to go for kb ride today, 20kms from home, notice red light on dash, and fi light on, pull over straight away.

Can anyone tell me what this means? Would this have anything to do with the gsxr pc3 thats been wired in to my bike about kms ago. Try disconnecting the PC and see if the code comes up again. I had trouble with a PC on my K4was throwing C32 code, 1 injectoer. It turned out there was a problem with the PC. It was replaced, no further problems. Originally Posted by Cajun. Hi Guys Went to go for kb ride today, 20kms from home, notice red light on dash, and fi light on, pull over straight away.

Originally Posted by Pussy. Cheerys Glenn mate for the info. Will have to go down to workshop tomorrow and see what i can figure out, and find me a multimeter to. Location Upper Hutt Posts 2, Originally Posted by Fatjim. Couldn't get any ohms over the STPS sensor, got 5. So just gotta get a t25 torx screwdriver tomorrow to adjust it That site is simlar to the nto total the same but by using that and printed service manual i got here i am semi working it out i hope.

Got TP for bunghole? Hope yours isnt as hard to fix as mine is Built for speed, not for comfort. Dont no if ya tried this, but this is the info i have on it.

Attached Files Upload. Those who dont learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Another play with a couple of ideas this afternoon and i think the STPS is stuffed c: i can't get any ohm reading off it. Tired a couple of other things. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is All rights reserved.Forums New posts Advanced search Image search. Members New profile posts Search profile posts Member search Members map. Log in Register. What's new Search.

New posts. Advanced search. Image search. Log in. Install the app. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Seahound1 Start date Jul 26, Seahound1 Well-Known Member. Name Michael. I stopped turned the engine off and back on again and the error code went off.

On Sunday the same thing happened. Shortly after the second error I was low on fuel so I refueled. After filling up I rode about another miles without any more errors. The user manual says FI is "fuel injection" and it was OK to ride unless the red light starts to flash.

GSXR 600 K7 - F1 error code C46

The bike felt like it was running great, but the weather was very hot. Anyone had a similar problem or suggestions?

gsxr 600 f1 fault code

Andy Wheelie for Safety. Name Andy. Mine did that once a few months ago, but it never did it again. Curious if your temp on the engine got hot from sitting at a stop or something. Both error messages happened on the same tank of gas, first on Saturday on Hwy from Watsonville to about pm.

It had been warm when I left my home in Morgan Hill, but was cool when I got over the hill to Watsonville. I had probably driven 30 miles without stopping when the first error happened.The F1 or FI light is the fault indicator. Some sensor on your bike has found a fault or has failed. You can take the bike to a dealership and have them find out what the fault code is, or there is a procedure you can do to get the fault code:.

Take off the rear seat, find the wire connector plug with the rubber cover, take if off and there should be 4 pin holes, two active with metal terminals if you look close get a paperclip or small wire and bend it so you can put it in the 2 active holes make sure the wire doesn't touch any other part of the bike's frame.

I think you mean "FI" The FI light is just a warning light telling you an error has occured in your fuel Injection system Take it to your dealer and have them read the error code. Probably ok to continue riding it for now but have it looked at when you can. It's likely something minor. Have you ever noticed a cager or any other vehicle if it is brighter in color than black?

Same would go with clothing worn riding a bike, I say. Especially true, if at dawn or dusk, really hard to see object that blend in with the surroundings. I have never been compelled to steer towards anything by seeing a lighter color.

I have a 07 gsxr with dual yosh slip on. It's the the servo motor not opening up. I had to install the servo buddy. Look it up no Fi light. Problem solved!

what dose it mean when the f1 light comes on while riding a motorcycle?

Aftermarket exhaust causes this problem not enough air flow at higher RPMs so you have to bi pass the servo motor with a servo buddy. Check the fuel line that connects to the tank. Mine came off after a wheelie one day He took it to the shop and they told him it wouldnt hurt anything he just had to get something in the electronics disabled.

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How to diagnose FI light and obtain ecu fault code. This comes up a lot so I figured I'd make a thread and maybe we can get it pinned for further use?

GSXR Error Code FI

When your FI light comes on what do you do? Underneath your seat there's a white capped plug.

gsxr 600 f1 fault code

You can either remove cap which makes it easier or leave it on doesn't matter. When FI light comes on use a piece of wire and jump the two wires listed in below pic. If leaving cap on insert wires all the way thru plug to wire terminals to make a connection.

Once this is done turn ignition on and start bike to display error code on gauge pod. Anyway heres the pics. First pic shows cap still on with wire inserted correctly.Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 TvrTt Original Poster posts months. Hi, I installed a power commandor a while back.

I've got a bloody warning code up on the dash. Does anyone know how i can fix this fault? I'll be installing a custom exhaust which i've bought off ebay so maybe the fault may go away? Seized up valve The warning alarm appeared so i installed the o2 sensor - hasnt made it go away. I didnt explain my self very well! Once i receive the exhaust i'll have a play around with the cables etc Thanks.

Saxaboom 3, posts months. Hey fella. I have the same bike, couple of things I've thought of. When you turn the ignition of can you hear that valve move? It'll squeak at the same time the fuel pump primes It's the K8 that requires a cut and shut.

If you can't hear the squeak from the valve remove the rear faring and on the right hand side you'll see the control box and the other end of those cables, see if it moves or even tries to. Might be worth checking feed to it? Maybe a fuse has blown causing it not to shut so the o2 sensor read wrong. See how it goes.

gsxr 600 f1 fault code

If you get really stuck I highly recommend talking to ivan at cjball Suzuki at hales. He really knows his stuff and I'm sure would be able to offer some advice. Hth, Tim. Edited by Saxaboom on Monday 19th April Many thanks for the info. I'll be checking all of this on the weekend.To read the codes you must enter dealer mode. I have instructions for entering Dealer Mode here! Main Menu Home. General Information. My TLS pages.

F1 light 2006 Suzuki GSXR 600

Melbourne Weather. Contact Me. Site Map. Privacy Policy. ECU Fault Codes. From the Workshop Manual page To read the codes you must enter dealer mode. The CMP sensor wiring and mechanical parts. The sensor produces following voltage. The sensor voltage should be the following. The sensor voltage is less than the following for more than8 sec.

CKP sensor pick-up coil signal is produced but signal from ignition coil is not produced continuous two times. In this case, the code c24 or C25 or C26 or c27 is indicated. STVA can not operate. The sensor should produce the following voltage.

gsxr 600 f1 fault code

Without the above value, C29 is indicated. Gear position signal voltage should be higher than the following for more than 3 seconds. Crankshaft position sensor pickup coil signal is produced, but fuel injector signal is interrupted continuous by 4 times or more. In this case the code C32, C33, C34 or C35 is indicated. EXCVA position sensor produces following voltage. Without the above value, C46 is indicated. EXCVA motor cannot move.


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