Epic gas board of directors

High Chief Faoa Aitofele Sunia

Public Board of Commissioners Meetings are held at a. He is a graduate of Christian Brothers University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, with a concentration in finance and economics.

Leon Dickson Sr. He currently serves as the Immediate Past President. He also is a past president of the Memphis Area Association of Realtors and was named its Realtor of the Year in Michael E. Pohlman is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Christian Brothers University, a Tennessee Professional Engineer, and has served in various capacities at Pickering during his 39 years with the firm.

He is serving a three-year term as an advisory, non-voting member. He also spent 30 years at MLGW as an accounting supervisor. Young is serving a three-year term as an advisory, non-voting member. Young is a former operations and sales manager in the freight industry. My Account.

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Our Board of Directors. Brother Donald Campbell, S. Susan Chen. Reverend Jenny Thompson. Grant Sparks. Aaron Steley. Samuel Smith. Being involved with EPIC helps me carry out a social mission that I find extremely vital and deeply fulfilling.

epic gas board of directors

Prior to this he was involved with community development work in a state housing suburb and has helped set up a food co-op and a credit union. During her career, Susan worked alongside many young people with disability, and students from diverse backgrounds.

She felt privileged to be involved in their progress and continues to experience great fulfilment from helping people overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


She has worked as a dentist for over 25 years, both in public and private practice across various locations in Queensland. Vera has a special interest in advocacy for people with disability and has both personal and professional experience in this space. Her drive for equality and quality of life for people with disability stems from personal experience and strong ethical beliefs.

Her career has focused on emotional release therapy, grief and loss counselling, play therapy, suicide intervention and sexual assault counselling. As a respected Aboriginal Elder, Jenny has been instrumental in providing cultural clinical support to the sector over the course of her career. Jenny has delivered numerous workshops on social and emotional well-being to families and communities, and facilitated training sessions on counselling and case management.

He has been involved in all stages of software project development from concept to deployment, often building complex back-end systems for highly powerful and interactive applications. I would like to see others share the same experience.

Aaron is passionate about empowering the next generation of young people, and is currently studying Education at University of Southern Queensland. He also works with a charity that helps students with vision impairment. Prior to his current role, Aaron spent many years as a data analyst for various insurance companies.

Aaron gravitated towards EPIC as their values mirror his own, and he sees his role on the Board as complementing the work he does in his professional and personal life. Sam is admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland as a lawyer. He has prior experience in litigation and professional negligence with a national law firm. Sam is currently an Associate in a law firm and is principally involved with people from disadvantaged backgrounds, assisting them with compensation claims.

Get in touch today. Connect with us. Businesses Looking for employees Support employee mental health Get support for at risk employees Diversity and inclusion training Corporate relationships.

Training Diversity and inclusion training Courses for job seekers on the autism spectrum. Get involved Volunteer Art exhibition. Contact us Feedback. ABN 63 ARBN Staff Login. Ambassador Login.We adhere to the guidelines and regulations concerning the management and governance of Crown corporations set by the Treasury Board Secretariat of the Government of Canada.

Our mandate is spelled out in the Export Development Act. Under the Financial Administration Actwe are required to submit an annual corporate plan, which sets our performance measures and objectives, an annual report, which reports on our performance against these objectives, and an operating budget. The review is now underway. Evolving with the Changing Needs of Exporters. EDC is governed by a Board of Directors whose representatives are primarily from the private sector.

The Board's responsibility is to supervise the direction and management of EDC and oversee our strategic direction as outlined in our Corporate Plan. Board members are appointed by the Government of Canada, and report to Parliament through the Minister for International Trade. Official annual report of Board activities. In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, the Executive Management Team plans and executes the business strategy as outlined in the Corporate Plan.

More information. The Auditor General performs special examinations and annual financial audits while our Internal Audit group conducts annual audits as per a risk-based audit plan.

Management and governance Management and governance We adhere to the guidelines and regulations concerning the management and governance of Crown corporations set by the Treasury Board Secretariat of the Government of Canada. About Us Management and Governance. Legislative Review.

Board of Directors. Martine Irman Chair, Board of Directors. Pierre Boivin.

2019 2nd Annual Singapore Maritime Forum - The Growth of Regional Trading Opportunities

Heather J. Culbert Vice-Chair. Lindsay Gordon. Karna Gupta. Elliot Lifson. Karen MacWilliam. Pierre Matuszewski ICD. Robert S. Andrea Stairs Krishnappa. Darlene Thibault. Kari Yuers. Executive Management Team. Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector. Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Advisory Council.

Statement of Priorities and Accountabilities. Learn more. Download PDF. Export Development Act.Our company is honored to be part of what is truly a much larger team of men and women. Diefenthal is an experienced businessman and dedicated philanthropist. LCEC is a substantial global business that buys and sells chemical plants and equipment. Anvil is engaged in the manufacturing of material handling equipment for use worldwide.

Under his leadership, EPIC Oil Extractors, LLC has developed and patented a new and innovative extraction process that produces clean, refinery-ready, low-asphaltene, lower sulphur crude oil directly from mined oil sands, which is radically different from the current pollutive industry process. Jordan has also been involved in numerous intellectual property infringement-risk assessment teams assigned to assess a variety of oil and gas technologies such as new gasoline formulations, Mobil 1 and Mobil SHC reformulations, new lubricant base stocks, new polymer technologies and new gas-to-olefins technologies.

He retired from ExxonMobil after 30 years to set up a consultancy practice, and in that capacity has been considered an expert in many areas of hydrocarbon chemistry and processing, including serving as an expert witness. Schlosberg is a named inventor on 82 US Patents, including patents on separations and on managing hydrocarbon heavy ends. He has consulted both with start-up and well established global companies and has consulted with financial institutions seeking information about technical opportunities.

Schlosberg has written over 70 refereed papers including papers on oil sands. Nowoslawski lives with his wife in Salt Lake City, Utah, where there is estimated to be over 30 billion barrels of oil in oil sands reserves. Sketchler has also been assisting Mr. Richard D. Jordan Mr. Richard H. Schlosberg, Ph. John Nowoslawski Mr. Marc Sketchler Mr. Exclusion of Liability EPIC Oil Extractors LLC does not control any third party website and is, therefore, not responsible for the content of any linked website or any link contained in a linked website.

In no event will EPIC Oil Extractors LLC be liable for any damages, including without limitation, direct or indirect, special, incidental, moral or consequential damages, loss of profits, opportunities or information or for expenses arising in connection with this website, or with any hyperlinked website.

Privacy Policy Your privacy is important to us. EPIC Oil Extractors is committed to keeping any information you may provide through this website confidential. The Internet is not, however, a fully secure medium, and, therefore, confidentiality and privacy cannot be ensured. Email is a preferred method of communication, and unencrypted plain text emails will be used in communications with you. The Personal Information is typically restricted to your name and e-mail address.

No electronic means are used to automatically collect Personal Information from any visitor or user of this website or from the computers of others.Abdulbaqi also works on developing the skillset of Saudi nationals in a number of interesting ways.

These include working with geosciences students and non-profit organizations, as well as directly forging links between academia and the industry. During this time Mr. After completing his degrees in Geology and Geophysics, Mr. Abdulbaqi is active in a number of industry associations, and has accrued an impressive amount of unique experiences within the industry.

epic gas board of directors

These include:. From toMr. Inthe AAPG awarded him with the status of Honorary Membership, ranking him among an elite club of industry pioneers.

Throughout his long and distinguished career, Mr. Abdulbaqi has chaired many industry forums and authored numerous technical papers and internal company reports. Adel S. Al Akeel has overseen some of the most important changes to our business in recent years. While working for Saudi Aramco he played a major role in setting up the first visualization centers in Saudi Arabia, as well as the first geosteering center in the region which enabled geoscientists and engineers to remotely monitor and direct drilling activities.

Much of his work during his time at the company focused on taking the business from the inception stage onto a regional footing. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aramco Gulf Operations, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco that operates as an independent entity with its own Board of Directors, responsible to Saudi Aramco as a shareholder.

He has also completed the following leadership and management development programs:.

epic gas board of directors

His responsibilities also included reserves and reservoir management, reservoir simulation and forecasting, development planning, petrophysics and facilities expansions. Al-Buraik holds the following board-level responsibilities:. During his career he has presented a great number of technical papers and key note speeches. Prior to that, served for one year as President of Petron Corporation in the Philippines, then a downstream joint venture between Aramco Oversees Company and the Philippines National Oil Company.Prior thereto, Mr.

Karkkainen has significant board experience, including as Lead Director and as chair of compensation and audit committees. He is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Calvert holds a Bachelor of Commerce Hons. Calvert is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Cornhill is also a founding shareholder of AltaGas Services Inc.

epic gas board of directors

Prior to forming AltaGas, Mr. Cornhill served in various capacities with Alberta and Southern Gas Co. Cornhill is an experienced leader in the business community and is a strong supporter of communities and community collaboration, investment and enhancement.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Hons. Cornhill is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Prior to joining AltaGas, Mr. Edgeworth is a Professional Engineer and Corporate Director. Prior to this, Mr. Edgeworth was with Alliance Pipeline Ltd.

Edgeworth is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Gilbert is a Professional Engineer and has been an independent businessman since He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta and has extensive experience in the industry and as a director. Gilbert is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Hodgins is a Chartered Accountant and has been an independent businessman since November He was admitted as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario in and Alberta in and he is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Johnston is a Corporate Director. Prior thereto, Ms. Johnston held various executive leadership positions with TransAlta and FortisAlberta. She is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Knoll has over 35 years of varied experience in the energy sector, primarily related to energy infrastructure businesses and the natural gas value chain.

McCallister is an independent businessman. McCallister is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors. Sullivan is a Corporate Director. Sullivan has over 25 years of utility finance and regulatory experience. Since joining Emera inMs. Tower has held several senior positions in corporate finance and in operations at Emera and with its subsidiaries, including Controller and Vice President, Customer Operations of Nova Scotia Power Inc. She serves on the Board of Trustees of the University of Tampa.

Board of Directors Pentti Karkkainen. Chair of the Board, Independent Director. Independent Director. Non-Independent Director. ALA Open: Yoho has been elected to its board of directors. His election, effective May 1,will increase the size of the board to 14 directors. He has over 35 years of experience in the natural gas industry and served in important leadership roles for several well-respected regulated utilities.

He will add significant value and important thought diversity to our Board," said Kim R. Cocklin, executive chairman of the Atmos Energy board.

About Atmos Energy. As part of our vision to be the safest provider of natural gas services, we are modernizing our business and our infrastructure while continuing to invest in safety, innovation, environmental sustainability and our communities. Find us online at www. View source version on businesswire. Analysts and Media Contact: Jennifer Hills Related Quotes. Atmos Energy Corporation. Sign in. Sign in to view your mail. Finance Home. Business Wire March 25, Recently Viewed Your list is empty.

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