Amd ryzen 7 4700u

The Radeon in the Ryzen 7 U features seven graphics processing cores, as opposed to five and six of the Ryzen 3 Dotty dep lパッケージ スパイダー シートカバー n-box lパッケージ [g and 5 U.

This and a bit higher clock speed makes the Radeon of the Ryzen 7 somewhat faster than the same GPU in the Ryzen 3 and 5. But, they are all just entry level graphics solutions. On the positive side, the Radeon of the 7 U is faster than many of the popular integrated graphics processors, such as the Intel UHD of the popular Intel Core U processor series or Radeon Vega graphics of the older-gen Ryzen chips. Note: The same 7-core Radeon is used in the similar but less known Ryzen 7 U laptop processor.

On the positive side, the benchmarks show its faster than many other GPUs and that it can compete against entry-level dedicated video cards like the Nvidia GeForce MX series. Note: The benchmark scores of the listed graphics processors are averages measured across various devices with these processors. The scores and real-world performance of the AMD Radeon Graphics of Ryzen 7 U and compared GPUs may vary depending on the spotify offline sync local files other components, settings, cooling, and other factors especially single-channel vs faster dual-channel RAM and speed of the main processor.

However, the benchmark results, as well as gameplay videos, are good indicators of the graphics processors' performance. Below you can read and submit user reviews, questions, answers, and videos about the graphics processor. Thank you for your contribution. Andy — September 18, OS: Windows 7 bit. Something wrong with this post?

Thanks for letting us know. If you can point us in the right direction This post was Flag for removal. I just looked up the Nvidia card you listed. Might as week get RX Good luck! Choose a file. Save Comment. Jonathan — September 18, Merrick — August 14, Launched Q3this new 4 core 8 thread Ice Lake laptop processor is very power efficient owing to the performance it attained.

This CPU is used for high performance laptop as well as mid end gaming laptop. We calculate effective speed which measures real world performance for typical users. Effective speed is adjusted by current prices to yield a value for money rating. Our calculated values are checked against thousands of individual user ratings. The customizable table below combines these factors to bring you the definitive list of top CPUs.

AMD Ryzen 7 4700U - benchmark tests, specifications and information

Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool. UserBenchmark will test your PC and compare the results to other users with the same components. You can quickly size up your PC, identify hardware problems and explore the best upgrades. Save as guest. AMD Effective Speed. Real World Speed. Benchmark your CPU here. Battle cruiser. Average Score. Memory Avg. Memory Latency Overclocked Score. Market Share. See market share leaders. Nice To Haves. Average Bench User Builds. Systems with these CPUs.

Group Test Results Best user rated - User sentiment trumps benchmarks for this comparison. Best value for money - Value for money is based on real world performance. Fastest real world speed - Real World Speed measures performance for typical consumers. Bench your build Size up your PC in less than a minute. How it works - Download and run UserBenchMark.

Frequently Asked Questions. Processors FAQ. What is multi core mixed speed? What is multi core integer speed? What is multi core floating point speed? What is single core mixed CPU speed? What is quad core mixed CPU speed? What is quad core floating point speed? What is quad core integer speed? What is single core floating point speed?Where the Ryzen 7 U's belongs is currently a mystery, but there are two prospects that are being thrown around: one is Lucienne and the other is Cezanne.

AMD's affection for using famous painters' surnames as the codenames for its processors is well known, and sometimes the chipmaker's selection might provide some clues. If that's the case, Lucienne should still be wielding Zen 2 cores and Vega graphics. On the flipside, there's Cezanne that's rumored to sport Zen 3 cores, but still retain the Vega engine. According to the submission, the Ryzen 7 U comes equipped with eight cores and 16 threads. At first glance, the name suggests that it's the direct successor to the existing Ryzen 7 U, however, that doesn't seem to be the case.

While the Ryzen 7 U is indeed an octa-core chip, the chip lacks simultaneous multi-threading SMT. The Ryzen 7 U, on the other hand, comes with a eight-cores, thread design, therefore, the Ryzen 7 U is closer to the Ryzen 7 U than the Ryzen 7 U. It's interesting though that AMD seemingly decided to unlock the full configuration on the Ryzen 7 U.

Unfortunately, there aren't any Ryzen 7 U or Ryzen 7 U submissions that match those parameters so an apples-to-apples comparison wasn't possible. Furthermore, the Ashes of the Singularity submissions don't expose the clock speeds for the processor. For now, we'll just have to wait for another leak to get a glimpse of the potential performance uplifts that AMD's Ryzen series APUs could bring to the table.

Topics CPUs. See all comments 9. If that turns out to be true, AMD's marketing needs a sanity check. Would it have killed them to put them on the same version number from the start regardless of what the underlying architecture is? Now you have this stupid situation where they might actually skip a numbering generation. I find that extremely illogical and dumb.

Kamen Rider Blade said:. If that's the case, Lucienne should still be wielding Zen 2 cores and Vega graphics That's an incredibly weak chain of logic.

If you're even going to stoop to reasoning along these lines, I would say that Lucienne, being the child of Renoir, would therefore be Zen 3, not Zen 2. That also corresponds to earlier reports about the line being used for Zen3.

InvalidError said:.California Prop 65 Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. Love the product. It's not the most premium build quality laptop, but again, that's when I'm comparing to stuff like macbook or XPS and they will cost at least twice as much.

This is my first time writing a review for anything, so that means a lot! This laptop is a full metal build, it is rather thin compared to the Macbook Air but by no means low quality.

amd ryzen 7 4700u

In fact, it really feels premium to the touch! The internals sport the new Ryzen so it is blazing fast, not for professional editors or gamers but for the everyday joe it would suffice.

Ryzen 7 4700Uのベンチマーク

The small things make the entire laptop feel so premium. The fingerprint sensor is fast and reads accurately. The caps has a light icon to indicate if it is activated. The Fn key switch also has a light icon to toggle Fn keys on and off.

The screen is Full HD with nits so it is bright, but if used outside in direct sunlight it would be a bit dim. The trackpad is nice. The overall aesthetic is what I'm most pleased with and weight. Everytime I see it, I just say to myself "what a wonderful purchase" [This review was collected as part of a promotion. Nice size, lightweight and super fast. I love the fingerprint reader the most! Great bang for you buck. Fast amd processor. Good battery life. Decent graphics for older games.

Minor cons- wish it was a.

amd ryzen 7 4700u

Solid build quality with good keyboard. Love that the screen is matte. The value of this device is outstanding.

The benchmarks of the u are on the same level as the i7 you can find in the top end XPS 13 model roughly 3 times more expensive. The screen is solid for the price, it is build solidly with a metal chassis, and the keyboard is excellent; I greatly enjoy typing on this device. The trackpad is very good as well if you aren't planning to use a mouse. The privacy shutter on the webcam is a nice touch.

Also, you can configure the device to automatically turn on upon opening this can be toggled off. This combined with the SSD means you can get to work incredibly quickly if you are running late; the boot time is very quick. I would highly recommend this laptop for anyone on a budget, especially students. This thing is a beast!

AMD Ryzen 5 4500U vs AMD Ryzen 7 4700U

Anyway, the power of this AMD processor truly competes with the top of the line 10th gen Intel i7. It even defeats it on some benchmarks according to the reviews I'd seen on the web and on YouTube. Everyday tasks are a breeze from doing school work, web browsing to binge-watching Netflix. It can easily handle some recent, well-known games such as Grand Theft Auto 5.

The front-facing, upward firing speakers are pretty great at this price point. It's very clear and produces a clean sound.The U integrates six cores based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture.

They are clocked at 2. With two less cores, the Ryzen 5 U is clearly slower than the Ryzen 7 U and U in multi threaded workloads. Thanks to the 4 GHz Boost clock, the single core performance should be similar. Furthermore, 8 MB level 3 cache can be found on the chip. That means the chip is intended for thin and light laptops but with fans. The U integrates all eight cores based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture. Therefore, the R7 U is one of the fastest 15W processors, if the cooling of the laptop is sufficient.

In the following list you can select and also search for devices that should be added to the comparison. You can select more than one device. Cinebench R Cinebench R10 - Rendering Single 32Bit.

X HD Benchmark 4. Blender 2. R Benchmark 2. Super Pi mod 1. Super Pi Mod 1. Geekbench 2 - 32 Bit - Stream. Geekbench 2 - 32 Bit - Memory. Geekbench 2 - 32 Bit - Floating Point. Geekbench 2 - 32 Bit - Integer. Geekbench 2 - 32 Bit - Total Score.

amd ryzen 7 4700u

Geekbench 3 - 32 Bit Multi-Core Score. Geekbench 3 - 32 Bit Single-Core Score. Geekbench 3 - 64 Bit Multi-Core Score. Geekbench 3 - 64 Bit Single-Core Score. Geekbench 4. Geekbench 5 - 64 Bit Single-Core Score. Geekbench 5 - 64 Bit Multi-Core Score. Geekbench 5.The vast majority of laptops today fit into this category.

To find out which one wins, read on. When we test a new CPU, we run a lot of extra benchmarks. This review shows a selection of those tests. Click this link to find our full benchmark results for Ryzen 7 U.

The top-end Comet Lake U features 6 cores and 12 threads, while the Ice Lake chip features 4 cores with 8 threads. We consider both XPS laptops to be good comparisons, as they usually top the charts in performance over most of the laptops we see. All three laptops were running the latest public build of Windows 10 We also want to mention that testing three laptops at home during shelter-in-place required some accommodation.

With ambient temperatures always shifting in our test lab-slash-dining room, we stopped testing when the temps got too high. For consistency, all of the results we show are from the laptops running the same tests at the same time. The last fact we should mention is the price. You get a Ryzen 7 U! And you get a Ryzen 7 U! The results above are basically a tie. See our Cinebench R15 results at the end of the review.

Our next CPU test measures performance under more stressful conditions. We normally use an older, 0. Both p and Android tablets are about as far behind us asthough, so we took this chance run the latest public version of HandBrake, version 1. For this test, the encode is done purely on the x86 cores.

Obviously, the shorter result is better, because that means less time waiting for the encode. As you can see below, Ryzen 7 U wins by a mile, coming in about 30 percent faster than the Core iU. The previous encode uses the x86 side to perform the video transcode.

To look at that, we used the same 4K Tears of Steel video and encoded it using the H. The Core iU and its older media engine are about 28 percent slower. The 10nm, 10th-gen Core iG7 gets a much more advanced Iris Plus graphics engine, which was a welcome change when introduced.

amd ryzen 7 4700u

The Ryzen 7 U features 7 compute units inside, which can offer p gaming capability. Still, synthetic tests help illustrate the limitations. As you can see, the Ryzen 7 U with Radeon graphics is about 12 percent faster in the graphics-only sub-test, which mostly filters out CPU performance.

You can find our results for 3DMark Fire Strike and more in our companion article of all the benchmarks we ran on Ryzen 7 U.We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

We do not collect your personal data. All these are combined within a 15W package, with potentially higher TDP settings as long as allowed by the thermal implementation. With a theoretical maximum throughput of 1. Those are just the specs, though, and the results need to be verified in practice. This section includes premium and mid-tier ultrabooks built on the Ryzen 7 U platform.

Lower tier configurations are also available, and the mentioned starting prices are usually for the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 3 variants. Thus, if you spot any errors or any notebook that should be in here and is not, please get in touch in the comments section down below. Disclaimer: Our content is reader-supported. If you buy through some of the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more. I've been covering mobile computers since the s and you'll mostly find reviews and thorough guides written by me here on the site. Andrei Girbea. The battery for the Envy x 15 isn't entirely accurate. Some HP Envy x 15 models like the 15z-ds has a I tried looking for any of the laptops under u section, but most that were sold included up to u for the 14inch variants.

AMD Ryzen 7 4700U vs Ryzen 5 4500U

Am I missing something here? Maybe no 14inch can include the u? MSI modern does not offer U version.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. They are one of the key no pun intended methods of interfacing with the computers we use for so much Real notebook reviews and analysis by real people. By Andrei Girbea - andreigirbealast updated on September 24, AMD are finally able to properly compete with Intel in the ultrabook space with their latest Renoir hardware iteration, and not just in the budget segments, as in recent years.

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