303 rifle for sale in india

Lee-Enfield .303 shooting

M any shots have been heard around the world. And each time it was fired from a different rifle. During the Victorian era, that rifle was the Martini-Henry. At the end of the film Zulu, which chronicled the events of the almost infamous frontier outpost of Rorke's Drift along Zululand where approximately British soldiers fended off an attack by some 4, Zulu warriors, Stanley Baker replies that the victory wasn't merely a miracle, but rather, "a short chamber Boxer Henry.

This example is dated and came from the former Royal Armouries in Nepal. The close-up shows the breech loading system of the Martini-Henry rifle. Author's collection. In many ways, the British conflict with the Zulu has become symbolized by the rifle of the day, as much as the red jackets and tropical sun helmets worn by the European combatants.

This rifle is the Martini-Henry, and today it has become a favorite among collectors. If one considers it fair to say that the Colt Peacemaker tamed the American West, then it should be equally accurate to say that the Martini-Henry was the weapon that maintained order around the globe.

303 rifle for sale in india

From the dark continent of Africa to the jewel of India to the Far East, the sun never set upon the British Empire or its warriors wielding the Martini-Henry during the second half of the 19th Century.

Following the conclusion of the Napoleonic Wars, the age of the smoothbore musket was coming to an end, and over the course of the next 50 years, firearms with rifled barrels and breech-loading operation would transform modern warfare. Likewise, this was a time of great expansion by the European powers, and none so great as the mighty British Empire.

Although advanced Martini-Henry collector Jason Atkin, whose personal collection includes more than 20 of the classic rifles, sees the weapon as more of "guardian" of the existing empire, he admits that its place in history is certain. A large cache of so-called "Khyber Pass" Martini-Henry rifles.

Tens of thousands of the rifles were produced and many remained in storage for decades. Today these rifles are fairly common as a result. Photo courtesy of Jason Atkin. This isn't to say that the British Empire didn't expand during the time of the Martini-Henry. Introduced inthe Enfield Rifle was a muzzle-loading, rifled musket that had a range of about 1, yards.

This involved the removal of two-inches of the butt end for a breech gordon growth model system using the new brass cartridge ammunition. The space behind the cartridge was closed with an iron breechblock, hinged to the right side of the barrel.

The s and early s were a time of great conflict, and the British closely observed the wars around the world, including the American Civil Warthe Danish-Prussian Warthe Austro-Prussian War and the Franco-Prussian War The result was the stopgap Snider-Enfield as an interim measure, and made good use of the huge stockpiles of P53s that the British possessed. While these weapons are considered classics to gun collectors today, it was clear to military planners of the day that a suitable replacement was needed.

That replacement would be the Martini-Henry, a rifle that some argue should be properly designated the "Peabody-Martini-Henry. The Peabody was an American designed rifle which was first patented inbut was fully developed too late to have an impact in the American Civil War.

The firearm is a breechloading central-fire weapon, meaning that the cartridge is loaded into a chamber at the rear of the rifle. This enables the soldier to reload quickly and fire more rounds than the previous muzzle loading methods that required that the projectile be loaded down the barrel.

A small lever operated and lowered the breechblock, and allowed a cartridge to be inserted into the chamber, which returned the lever to the former position and closed the breech.Sirsa, Haryana.

Jalandhar, Punjab. Thane West, Thane Plot No. A, Road No. Thane, Maharashtra. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Karad, Dist. Satara, Maharashtra. Jail Road Turning Shop No. Nashik, Maharashtra. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Verified Supplier Company Video. Mandawali, New Delhi Shop No. Verified Supplier. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Pune, Maharashtra. Navi Mumbai, Dist. A, 3rd Floor Industrial Unit No. CA, T. C Pawne, Navi Mumbai -Dist. Nerul East, Navi Mumbai, Dist. Thane Shop No. Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Hyderabad, Telangana.I cannot look at a.

You may have seen him on the street, at the airport, railway station, so many places. Adopted by the British Army at the turn of the century, the. These rifles would eventually be manufactured at factories in England, India, Australia, and even a few in the United States. Production changed to the 7. My favorite is the. With an overall length of The British Army adopted the.

The Ishapore Rifle Factory, north of Calcutta, began manufacturing this weapon in using British machines and the same specifications as that followed by the Royal Small Arms Factory.

Martini-Henry: Rifles of the British Empire

This striving for perfection is undoubtedly why, even today, one can occasionally find. They were good, dependable, and effective rifles. For example, during the Soviet-Afghan War of the s, mujahideed found through practical experience that the. While it was obviously an obsolete antique, Soviet soldiers learned to respect the. More recently, several Indian constables armed with. Sadly, most of these weapons jammed after firing a few rounds and did not contribute significantly to the running fire-fight that raged across South Bombay.

The main cause of weapon malfunction appears to have simply been poor maintenance Badri-Maharaj The November terrorist attacks taught several hard lessons. Among them, it is clear, and has been clear for a long time, that the Indian constable deserves a more effective weapon and better training for combating increasingly well-armed criminals and urban terrorists. Badri-Maharaj, S. Journal of Defence Studies3 2 : — Jalali, A.


Reynolds, E. London: Herbert Jenkins. Skennerton, I. Labrador, Australia: Ian D.

303 rifle for sale in india

Stratton, C. I have a made in India and it has the tag that says g. I Singapore shtle If there are markings on the right side of the stock, I may be able to tell you more about your rifle if you post a description, drawing, or photo of them.

My grandfather gave me the gun about 50years ago. Have you ever seen this spelling? Also I have looked at many, many on internet and have not seen a feature this gun has. There is a pivot piece of metal on gun to move into place as a keeper to not let the shell feed when the bolt is opened. Even seen this? This gun is a mystery. Interesting weapon, Randy, but it leaves me with more questions than answers.

LE on Ishapore Lee-Enfields. If the stamp hit the metal of the butt stock socket just a little off center, then it is possible that SHT.

303 rifle for sale in india

LE could lose the bar on T and make the H look more like M.Under lever type air gun, full wood in good condition. For more enquiries please cal Pladson Warradale, SA. Rifle is chambered in 6. Comes without charger clips. Externally the gun is a good SA Rifle Association Wingfield.

Very accurate, will not disappoint. State: VIC. Rifle is in good condition. Appropriate licence and permit re Believed to be unfired apart from proofing. State: QLD. Andrew Montgomery P. Box Nyngan NSW. Matching numbers. Polished receiver. Buyer pays shipping Non mathcing bolt, bayonet, bore is average. See pictures.

.303 Rifles for Sale

The de-activation has been professionally done and has not detr Gregory Pill P. Box Melrose Park SA. Prohibited items permit The item would make a wonderful d Barrel is exc.

Bluing is exc. Has matching numbers, been a safe queen for some time.New Delhi: The legendary. The state police has bid adieu to the British-era rifles after over 75 years of service. The Lee—Enfield rifle, commonly known as the. The Maharashtra government has since retired the obsolete rifles.

The weapons are now being repackaged as a riot control rifle that will fire rubber bullets. While police forces have largely given them up, Naxals continue to use the. Quality journalism is expensive and needs readers to pay for it. What made the rifle very popular with forces was the.

The only problem with the highly dependable, sturdy rifle that also ensured excellent aim, was that it could only fire one shot at a time, after which the barrel needed to be reloaded by pulling the bolt for the next shot. He added that no amount of automatic rifles can replace the feel of firing from the nearly 5-kg rifle with an excellent aim.

It is estimated that 17 millions of these rifles have been manufactured across the world. Outside of England, at least 46 nations adopted the SMLE in its various guises, according to an estimate. You are reading this because you value good, intelligent and objective journalism.

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303 rifle for sale in india

Collectible Cartr Sort by Used Enfield 4 MK1 Rifle. Customer is responsib Gun : GA Sales: Simson British Double Rifle. Visit our GulfCoastGuns site for more! Muzzle Velocity FPS. The Trusted Power Point provides hu Time Left: 59 days 2 hours 48 minutes. Enfield Jungle Carbine. Used in great shape Enfield Jungle Carbine. This is a real jungle carbine it has correct muzzle break, all correct lightning machine cuts, and butt pad. Number match as well read more. We buy, sell, consign and trade new and used firearms.

This is our 44th year in business. We offer Enfield No. Drop out magazine feed. Lee-Enfield S. No Additional Credit Card Fees! BSA Lee Speed. Pretty wood and checkering. Here's a chance to get a neat English bolt action rifle at great price. Up for auction is an Enfield No. The Canadian Enfields are, Time Left: 49 days 6 hours 41 minutes.It is a beautiful gun to look at. With its wooden sturdiness, it has a dignity that many modern guns, like the plastic m16, do not.

The most interesting of all the mercenary soldiers of India in the s were the Naga sadhus. They were ferocious, utterly reckless and totally naked. During the siege of Delhi in the monk had the back of his head blown away by an idiot who fired from his own side. In the hands of Indians, even ammunition was now dangerous. Naturally, the Pattern 53 did not last long, and soon went through an evolution, the Snider-Enfield of The next version of the Enfield rifle was a weapon fit for his qualities, the Lee-Enfield.

With this gun and British drilling and training, the Indian infantryman was no longer dangerous but deadly. But actually it is No. It has probably killed more men than any weapon in history. With his. It is the rifle that the Anzac troops fired as they were slaughtered by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk at Gallipoli. The rifle with which Lawrence of Arabia captured Aqaba. I find the.

With its wooden sturdiness, it has a dignity that many modern guns, like the plastic M16, do not. Gurkhas interviewed after they went over the top at Kargil said they picked up the Kalashnikovs of the fallen Pakistanis because they were better and more accurate than their own guns. The greater beauty of the. This is why, for a century, Afghans have held on to this gun of their fathers. But it is not accurate at distance.

When Afghans got the Kalashnikov in the s, many warriors kept their old rifles. The first came from its mechanism, invented by James Paris Lee.


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